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tv   Asylum In America  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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there's a ask you when you speak about the ties to general discourse we are you sometimes hear about the need to confront. bigotry towards muslims or islamophobia but do you think there is even do you think there is really enough of a recognition of far right views permeating mainstream political ideas. so fifteen years ago the the idea that europe in particular but the worst in general was being overrun from within in this idea of what we call euro arabia where there's this fifth column within western civilization that seeking to overrun it and change it from within this was a marginal idea it was an idea that few people took seriously and because they failed to take it seriously it seeped in and now you have statements coming out of places like hungary with the president of angry it's already been saying things that only a decade ago would have been utterly utterly unthinkable and the rhetoric in the
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discourse that we see over to many parts of the mainstream when it comes to muslims looks very similar to what we used to see in the into war years in europe when it came to jews i don't say this lightly i think we have to take very seriously how deeply rooted this type of rhetoric is and it's not to say there's a problem we cannot solve and that we cannot for a confront i firmly believe that we can that we should but that we need to take it seriously in order to be able to face it confronted and put on his back foot is it is it possible to confront it you mentioned donald trump and he said just on friday that he doesn't see a rise in in white nationalism at all that might initially new zealand how would you describe the impact of her not like that in the aftermath of this attack in christchurch so you go this is precisely what i'm talking about i don't hold donald trump responsible for the actions of a terrorist in new zealand what i hold donald trump's rhetoric response of for
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responsible for is that it allows space for the discourse of people like that terrorist to be able to permeate a lot easier and become more normalized and legitimize and that's simply a fact ideas don't exist in a vacuum they feed off of other types of ideas and while his rhetoric and it's not just donald trump there are many others those who are in the unit. as they say in europe and elsewhere it's a very important reality that i think within the west we need to realize every time we hear of muslims being other arise and being viewed as alien or being temper or not temporary but being quote unquote guests within our societies guests that are somehow trying to overrun and overtake our societies every time we hear that sort of discourse we need to remember that those ideas feed into a wider discourse a discourse that can be taken up by this kind of rhetoric and actually put extremely violent and means dr h.
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alan thank you very much for joining us today. well is more still ahead for you on this news hour from london a is on we will be looking at where syria's war now stands and what the future might hold for those still suffering toxic chemicals dumped into a river in southern malaysia have caused thousands of villages to seek treatment and in sport we'll bring you more on the killings at a new zealand bangladesh's cricket team are safe despite being near the scene of the attack. hundreds of thousands of algerians have been back out on the streets of the capital and in other cities demanding president. abilities bit iffy as resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bed for a fifth time in power but he has also postponed the elections but has
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a saying the promise of a new technocratic government is not enough for demonstrators well matheson reports . this is not what the algerian government all president up there as he's beautifully hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leader has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algae riza kaname and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the country. there are. falling oil prices badly hit
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algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of a beautifully co presidency. some young algerians are taking their protests online you want to be free. we need to be free and you will be. equally i've known in my life one president beautifully i want change immediate change it's a good school system. to try to calm demonstrations both of says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister nouri diem but we has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government from the cool of the earth and with the mix we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you want and we are ready determined and our desire is strong and our doors are open to discuss and exchange visions for the
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good of like a government says it will heed the protesters demands but demonstrators say that we is a beautiful. and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is. one of the persons who have been removed from his into realized i mean this is brother still running the show. are the security people serving this show or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. i the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change. i wrote matheson. it was president donald trump has vetoed a measure by congress that would have ended his declaration of a national emergency on his wall along the southern border with mexico mike hanna is live for us in washington like it was an expected move so what happens now. well
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it was definitely expected the president from the beginning had said that any disapproval vote his attempt to circumvent congress would be faced with a veto and so he has vetoed it what happens now well that will go back to congress it may again be debated in the house but the problem facing congressional leaders is that they simply would not have the two thirds majority in either house or senate which is required to overcome the president's veto so to all intents and purposes the state of emergency declared by president trying to get funding for his wall will remain in place there is a political fallout though twelve republicans crossed the senate floor to vote along with democrats in the senate vote that was the vote of disapproval and certainly that is something of a problem for president trump seeing a split in republicans in congress but the state of emergency as it is remains in
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place very unlikely that there will be a two thirds majority in either house or senate to overturn president. thank you very much with the latest from washington on that story mike hanna and other stories are watching weekly protests along the gaza israel fence have been perspire and hours after israeli airstrikes hit the perceived threat israeli military says some one hundred hamas targets were struck on friday it was in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv the rocket fire was the first to target israeli city since two thousand and fourteen the exchange of fire is raising fears of an escalation in tensions. what happened is a new israeli aggression against gaza out a tweet a series of its crimes including the main one the continuation of the siege of the gaza strip our people will continue their struggle to break the siege despite this aggression the resistance is ready to defend its people and is committed to calm as long as the occupation is. a war in syria might be winding down but it's certainly
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not over eight years into the conflict and millions of people feel they have no place in a country run by bashar al assad in a honda reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. eighty years of human suffering. syrians continue to bury their children. sixteen year old muhammad and his fourteen year old sister ali were killed in government artillery strikes. we buried them in a mass grave i didn't see them because it would be unbearable they were burned no flesh no burns. there is an active frontline between the government and opposition in the southern countryside of rebel controlled adlib where a ceasefire should be in place. was instead almost
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two hundred civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year. thousands have been forced to flee in recent weeks adding to the millions already displaced many of them displaced multiple times. the bombardment forced us to leave our home in the northern countryside of homes we escaped to aleppo and used homes. we had to move from the front lines there is nowhere safe. there is little peace even in government controlled territories where rights groups report arbitrary arrests and a return to repressive rule so-called reconciliation agreements in former opposition held areas are not being respected. the most recent cases were documented were six civil defense volunteers were detained for no reason there are many other cases where people are afraid to
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provide information because they fear the intelligence services. the absence of the rule of law and accountable security agencies or some of the reasons why syrians were belled in two thousand and eleven the regime refused reforms back then and chose to crackdown pushing the opposition to take up arms. the syrian president is still refusing demands for change the international community wants bashar assad to engage in a credible political process that would lead to a new constitution and free elections but political reform would mean giving up power and the syrian leadership is unlikely to hand over what it didn't lose on the battlefield. cut. out for the war has been won some countries have already started to normalize ties with his government but much of the international community won't accept it until political reforms are in place . and there remains the problem in the north of the country much of which is not
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controlled by the government and is being fought over by the many interested parties and the millions who live there can't and won't return to assad to syria for them the war is far from over seven hundred beirut. still ahead for your school children and students around the world morehouse a school demanding action on climate change. and find out who took the time sheets and practiced the first for me on the ground praying at the season peter will have the details. well our bit of a shocker the windy and for some quite cold weather the diaries dance for your efforts to some degree still there there's a warming trend on the way it's not going to be immediate nor for everybody is a massive cloud sitting over the middle of germany and touching france as well if
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this is going to be a wet picture on saturday for germany the low countries for the british isles dollars when is it was there underneath it's rather modeled it was two fifty in paris for example twenty three there in madrid shows what it can be this time the that down to the southeast corner only nine down through the bucharest and athens have picked up as a climb the rain dispersed for sunday so will the temperatures not true for most of austria too not much change really for a good part of france germany change their wind direction maybe they'll be cooler feeling and you may or may not have rain but it's never going to be far away so most of the action is in northern europe which means along with portugal despite. you can enjoy the warm in morocco algeria internees attempts in the low twenty's that have a cold start well in relative terms anyway for the eastern side of libya and even current twenty just go to the coast it will be rather cloudy and gray but that too improves by to make it to sunday.
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the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors
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directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera. welcome back a recap of our top story this hour new zealand's prime minister has revealed the suspect in the christ church mosque attacks had a gun license from twenty seventeen forty nine people were killed in the worst mass attack in the nation's history. and for the fourth consecutive friday thousands of protesters have gathered in algeria demanding regime change and for the media departure of president abdul aziz which of. us president donald trump has vetoed
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a measure from congress that would revoke his declaration of a national emergency at the us mexico border. well the attacks on two mosques in new zealand has refocused attention on the impact social media can have in these types of attacks after the shooter filmed what took place at the mosque in a facebook live video post or facebook has since deleted the post and then announce that it's to set up a new detection technology and an online resource hog to help people respond when abuse occurs. is a senior fellow at the open university center for cyber and homeland security. joins us now from washington thank you for taking the time to speak to us and this footage of the attack opening fire on worshippers as you know was live streamed online what does this reveal about the potential power of social media in spreading messages based on fear and hatred you know that with every with
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every advance of technology comes the downside you know the idea of social media was to give a voice to the everyday person all but in contrast that can also be used to spread everything from hate speech to you know terrorism content as we've seen in this particular case and unfortunately i think this is something we're going to see more and more of you know with the rise of live streaming the ability to distribute things as they happen with the idea they can't be censored of course when it comes to the issue of censorship the been criticism of how that kind of impinges on freedom of speech and things like that in the past on the flip side could social media also be a useful tool in helping to identify and expose those with extremist opinions and possibly those who might bitrate such an attack. you know this is this is a case where i think the social media companies have really failed you look at twitter of those reports that he posted that manifesto yesterday you know giving a lot of detail you know that should there's absolutely no reason that that should
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not have been flagged and said to authorities take facebook you know with the video itself you know the ai technology that we have today for skinning video you know is incredibly incredibly good at detecting detecting weapon tree detecting gunfire at detecting screams of the tech being violent you know this isn't something that's in a research lab ten years out these are tools we have today and the fact that facebook is not obviously in this in this case did not either is not the point that well enough or they haven't they haven't gotten them they haven't really gotten to a point where they're deploying them in a good enough fashion and that's you know we have the technology today is really the will from the social media companies you say that but my guess a little bit earlier was saying that the rise of right wing violence is nothing new he was citing the and as brave killing of seventy seven people in norway here in this country had the murder of a british m.p.
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jo cox you had the killing of jewish worship as in pittsburgh is it the responsibility of social media companies or do counterterrorism agencies need to invest more resources in. i mean certainly obviously it's not it's not just social me i mean obviously there's a lot of things that have to happen here but you know one of the purposes when people do these things you know they're not just taking action onto them they're taking action to get their voice to get it out there to publicize it you look his manifesto is being reported on news outlets across the world his footage is being broadcast imagery is out there and so you know i think obviously there's a lot of things that need to happen here but social media you know i think we we can largely agree that there's a real need to censor violent graphic violent content of course you might argue that you know repressive government some were opening fire on protesters we might say hey that should be broadcast and that's why i think to me really the ideal solution is using ai to fly a live video the instant that there is
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a gun you know showing up and someone marching towards a building with a gun the video should pause and that should go to a human reviewer who can then decide yes this is this is something that should be broadcast is something noteworthy or you know this is something that really we need to stop and most importantly notify law enforcement. thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this appreciate it thank you thank you so much. new zealand police have identified the main suspect in the attack as twenty eight year old brenton harrison tarrant he will appear in court in christchurch very soon on charges of not. a son of one of the victims of the attack made this appeal. to this night we are here to help the. man the consul you know. he's he's no i don't mean he was. you know because it has been here but because
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it's so common relates i think this is why people want to. be like you we're not like this. well now in all the stories have been following talks that chemicals dumped into a river in southern malaysia of course thousands of villages to seek hospital treatment three arrests have been made as police investigate the pollution linked to rubber tire recycling as lawrence louis reports from passing a good dying in the southern state of johor more than one hundred schools have had to shut indefinitely. nor. is worried about his younger sister she was admitted to a hospital intensive care unit when she complained of difficulty breathing. he's appointed. hospital and. they came here took some samples and then left they didn't seem interested in helping those. it's been a week since it was discovered that between twenty and forty tons of chemical waste had been dumped into the river near their homes were standing right next to the kim
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kim river which is where the toxic chemicals were dumped now people here tell us the gets worth at night it's an acrid burning smell that smells like tires or plastic being burnt and even just standing here for a few minutes we get to. this stadium has been turned into a twenty four hour first response medical center at least three and a half thousand people have sort of medical attention for the fumes in the past week. many of the patients complain of suffering from some a shivering and some say. the government initially considered declaring a state of emergency in the area but now say that the situation is under control. so. the cleanup operations of the river have begun with the government appointing
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contractors to help it had. some. but we have. removing this material and things has reduced and now we find parts which is really having some. a one and a half kilometers stretch of the river is thought to have been affected the government says toxic substances found in samples taken from the river are linked to chemicals used to recycle tie is three people have been arrested in connection with the toxic dumping florence. state malaysia. north korea is considering suspending talks with the united states and restarting missile a nuclear bomb test why is foreign minister chosen who he says the north has no intention of yielding to us denuclearization demands is blaming the u.s. secretary of state and the national security adviser for the breakdown of last
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month's summit between donald trump and leader kim jong il and why pompei o and john bolton are accused of creating an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust but baez denied this saying the u.s. hopes to continue denuclearization talks with north korea with respect to what was said last night about chairman kim potentially considering ending the moratorium i can say only this in hanoi on multiple occasions he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing nor he resume missile testing so does jimmy kimmel's words we have every expectation that he will live up to their commitment to join his economic slowdown in the trade with the u.s. has topped the gender of a gathering of chinese legislators in beijing they endorsed a foreign investment all aimed at appeasing the concerns of trading partners in washington and elsewhere adrian brown reports from the chinese capital. as ever when china's parliament meets everything was perfectly organized.
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inside the great hall of the people the mood was celebrated as the almost three thousand delegates gathered for the final day of the national people's congress they knew what was expected of them their job after all is not to block legislation or place checks on leaders of the communist party so the outcome of the vote to amend the foreign investment law was never in doubt as was its true aim to help end the trade war with the united states which is why the legislation was approved in record time the measure will affect some of the biggest corporations doing business in china in theory it'll mean among other things that foreign firms will no longer need a chinese partner to operate here or be forced to hand over their technology. the new foreign investment laws china's concession to the united states which is
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a compromise china is making in the trade war so it's very likely that in the future there will be policies that actually favor for investors that will probably won't see any significant changes in that regard this year. at premier league chung's annual news conference where journalists questions are submitted and vetted in advance he sought to one small reassure foreign investors says you. teaching china will continue to cut taxes and fees streamline. forced a new drivers of growth market access on a level the playing few for all marquee players the premier's warned that economic growth could drop to six percent this year the lowest it's been in almost thirty years china's economic growth would be the envy of many other countries but it's still slowing complicated by a number of other factors the trade war with the united states among them but china's leaders can't blame previous governments for their problems because for
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almost seventy years there's been only one party that has ruled this country adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. boeing says a software upgrade for the seven three seven max will be rolled out within weeks and the timeline hasn't changed despite multiple nations grounding boeing that explains worldwide a tell part found in the wreckage of the crashed ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven max eight last week indications similarities with a crash five months ago in indonesia the ethiopian airlines flight was carrying one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew tropical cycle and i die has made landfall in mozambique bringing with it wind speeds of up to two hundred twenty five kilometers per hour over five hundred thousand residents in the coastal city of bear are without power after cables were downed at least one hundred twenty six people have been killed in mozambique malawi and south africa as heavy rains hit the region over the past week floods of already claimed thirty lives and left over
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two hundred thirty thousand people without shelter in southern malawi which borders mozambique. well tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students have walked out of school and college in more than one hundred countries this to protest against climate change and they're calling on governments to step up and do more to tackle the problem here in the u.k. organizers of the demonstrations say fifty thousand took part as and they would now reports. from sydney to hong kong new delhi to nairobi stockholm to berlin and beyond a united voice calling for action on climate change. in london unity may be something lacking inside the british parliament but outside a collective cry for action from schoolchildren and students skipping school to college to make their point we're taking to the streets because we haven't had an income.


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